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Ministry Impartation

The Ministry Impartation Training (M.I.T.) is a 20 weeks Curriculum with the goal of equipping believers and church leaders in the understanding and the practice of the spiritual gifts and ministries.

Ministry Impartation
Training M.I.T.

1 Corinthians 14:12 tells us that the Gifts are meant to edify/build up the Church.

Ephesians 4:12 tells us that the ministries are meant to Equip Christ’s followers.

Often though, churches lack experience and understanding in the matter. Whether it is by fear of what would happen if those gifts and ministries were released, or simply because they only recognize the value of teaching within the assembly. Other churches might do the opposite and lack serious order in the practice of spiritual gifts. Finding a strong balance in them is at the root of any spiritual Revival.

During 20 weeks you will be learning what church ministry is all about when it is experienced through the lens of the ministries and the gifts. With a very practical approach, we will explore what Jesus envisioned for his church to be administered outside of the religious spectrum.

Through the City on The Hills MIT, you will learn how to:
-    strengthen your personal relationship with Christ, 
-    hear from God for intercessory prayer and for lifting up others, 
-    share your faith with your neighbors and pray for healing, 
-    care and establish a culture of caring in a group, 
-    teach others to obey God,
-    equip and send out believers for the Harvest.

The course will be held at the City on The Hills Headquarters in Penn Hills every Saturday from 9:30 AM to 1 PM (lunch included!). Every session will be usually split between worship/teaching/practice/fellowship.

The beginning and the end of the course will be held at Cornerstone Church in the North Hills for 2 days (Friday night and all-day Saturday) of the Encounter Training in partnership with the CDN network.

Beginning: Friday, February 3rd 2023
Then every Saturday mornings until two days in June 23rd and June 24th
Closing Ceremony: Saturday, June 24th 2023.

Cost: $199 (This covers subscription fee, and 6 books) 
It is a very low starting price and will significantly increase in the future, but since it is the first time this training will be offered, we want to experiment with and through you our content.




Overview of the Curriculum Breakdown

The curriculum is still under development so this schedule is subject to change, but it will give you a better understanding of the content: 

WEEK 1:    Encounter WE        Am I really called to make disciples?
WEEK 2:     ENC1            Bring your relationship with God to another level
WEEK 3:    ENC2            Know your Identity in Christ
WEEK 4:    ENC3            The Person of the Holy Spirit
WEEK 5:    EP1            The Unseen Realm: Engaging Spiritual Forces
WEEK 6:    EP2            Prayer and the Prophetic
WEEK 7:    EP3            The Power of a praying Life
WEEK 8:    EvP1            Healing and Casting out demons            
WEEK 9:    EvP2            Methods to share the Gospel
WEEK 10:   EvP3            Treasure Hunting and words of knowledge
WEEK 11:   EC1            The role of the Shepherd
WEEK 12:   EC2            Dealing with troubled lives
WEEK 13:   EC3            Creating a safe environment for community
WEEK 14:   ED1            The art of Communicating the Bible (PREACH)
WEEK 15:   ED2            What a leader does
WEEK 16:   ED3            Tools for discipleship
WEEK 17:   EM1            Your calling and what to do with it
WEEK 18:   EM2            Team Building and vision casting
WEEK 19:   EM3            How to reproduce yourself in others
WEEK 20:   Encounter WE        Closing Ceremony

Each session will usually involve a time of worship and prayer, a short meditation brought by one of the learners, a teaching session on the topic, Q&A, fellowship through a shared meal, and as often as we can, practice on one another or outside with “real” people in the area.

The end result of the training will, once again, bring clarity to your calling, encourage you to pursue specific gifts, and help you identify the fruit of your actual ministry and where your strengths are.

I am truly excited to see what God is about to do in your life through this season!


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